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Footyhammer is an online auction site (www.footyhammer.com) run by serious collectors and experts of high end match worn football shirts and memorabilia. With more than 35 years experience of buying and selling football shirts and memorabilia, We naturally bring a lot of respect amongst collectors, industry knowledge but most importantly trust and authenticity. Footyhammer is the result of a coming together of high end football memorabilia collectors providing provenance and authenticity second to none. We are very proud to be able to have many unique partnerships with Football clubs, former/current players and key personnel from all over the world. Our our aim is to be able to provide the best, most wanted and sought after footballing memorabilia and help our clients find the memorabilia they are looking for.


It is quite easy to spot bad shirts if you have enough experience, complete enough and thorough due diligence and have the right people in your network. This is exactly what all users of Footyhammer will get and why they should always choose Footyhammer.com shirts above all others. We will always complete a thorough due diligence process of all shirts and collection offered before adding such to an online auction. Therefore you can always be 100% sure that our shirts are exactly what we say they are. If we are found not to be correct with a football shirt we will always offer 100% funds back guaranteed – no questions asked!


Footyhammer has headquarters in the beautiful sunny island of Malta. We also have offices around Europe. The founders of Footyhammer have been selling and collecting high end football memorabilia for more than 35 years. Footyhammer might be a newly created company anno 2020 but the people behind Footyhammer offer more than 35 years experience within the fantastic and ever surprising world of football memorabilia collection.


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