Matchworn Francesco Morini #5 Juventus Serie A 1971/72

Matchworn Francesco Morini #5 Juventus Serie A 1971/72

A very rare piece of Juventus history! A unique matchworn Francesco Morini #5 Juventus shirt from Serie A 1971/72 season. The matchworn shirt comes directly from Francesco Morini before his unfortunate passing last year. What an absolute beast of a player he was playing a total of 439 career games first for Sampdoria, Juventus and Italy.

Morini started him career back in 1963 with Sampdoria. He went on to make 161 league appearances for the Genova side. In 1969 he went to Juventus where he made an impressive 256 league appearances. He played with players such as Roberto Bettega.

In spite of his impressive number of Serie A games, Morini never scored a league goal. He once got close in a friendly tournament, but sadly for him it was disallowed.

During his time with Juventus, Morini won the league five times, Coppa Italia once, and the UEFA Super Cup once. While he was a constant figure with Juventus, Morini only made 11 appearances for the Italian national team.

Morini left Juventus in 1980 to end his career with Toronto Blizzard. He made 22 appearances for them did not get on the scoresheet here either.

After he had retired as a player, Morini went on to become Juventus’ sporting director for a number of years.

During his career Morini was known as a fast, strong, and tactically astute centreback. He was also regarded as a very fair player among his rivals. As such he rarely committed rough fouls on his opponents. During his career, Morini had a well-known rivalry with Inter centre forward Roberto Boninsegna.


Shirt features and condition:

  • Matchworn Francesco Morini #5 Juventus shirt
  • Juventus home shirt, long sleeves
  • Juventus Scudetto metal star on left chest
  • Well kept collar button
  • Fantastic material and sewing inside and out
  • Shirt #5

Provenance: COA provided from Francesco Morini