Diego Maradona #10 Nova TV Commercial shirt Argentina 1988

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Special! Diego Maradona #10 Nova TV Commercial shirt Argentina 1988

A specially produced Diego Armando Maradona #10 shirt for Japanese TV commercial for Nova cold coffee. The shirt color has faded over time but is a beautiful piece of Diego Maradona history off the field, being very popular and taking part in TV commercials for Japan. The shirt was used in a charity match with Diego Maradona’s brothers and father.

The TV commercial was meant to be filmed in Grand Canyon but Diego Maradona proposed that the Japanese TV commercials for Nova cold coffee was filmed in La Rioja, Argentina. The other two players are his brothers and Carlos Menem who was the mayor of La Rioja and who lent them a helicopter for the commercial to travel to and from La Rioja.

The Argentinian is considered one of the very top players of all time, if not the best. If Ballon D’or would have been available for non European players before 1995 Diego Maradona would have most likely won it every single year during his active playing career with FC Barcelona and Napoli.

Maradona is mostly known for his achievements with Argentina and Napoli and of course his hand of God goal vs. England at World Cup Mexico 1986 – a tournament Argentina won. It is also well known that he was the only one to wear shirt number 10 in any game or anything he put himself into. He even also collected opponents shirts but usually also only player shirts with number #10 or big players.

Shirt features and condition:

  • Diego Maradona #10 shirt 1988
  • Nova blue shirt, short sleeves for Japanese TV commercial for cold coffee and friendly match with brothers and father
  • Stitches to number #10 on back that occurred doing game play
  • Dirty front of shirt also from game play
  • Puma shirt make
  • Shirt number #10
  • Color fade but in good condition despite stitches to shirt number and dirt

Provenance: Japanese TV Commercial shirt. Photo proof and COA signed by Fernando Lavalle. Collectors item!