MUSEUM! Matchworn Italy #7 International 1930’s

Estimate: Priceless

MUSEUM! Matchworn Italy #7 International 1930’s

WOW just WOW! A priceless piece of Italian history and only worthy of sitting in a Calcio museum! This fantastic Italy shirt #7 was worn in 1930’s and has the fascism Italy logo on left chest.

The shirt is made from wool and must have been very itchy to wear for 90 minutes! The number is also made from a finer material of wool.

Italian fascism and history of football: The relationship between Fascism and football (calcio) in Italy, from the mid­-1920s and the rise of Italy’s Fascist regime up to the present day, focusing on how the stadium has become a key venue for both reviving the memory of the regime and Mussolini and for expressing and propagating extremist ideology. Its objective to establish how the far right’s contemporary association with the game developed and the extent to which it can be traced back to Italian Fascism of the 1930’s. (

Shirt features and condition:

  • Italy #7 shirt from 1930’s.
  • Italy Fascicm logo on left chest
  • Italy home shirt, long sleeves
  • Shirt #7 made from wool

Provenance: Museum